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This web site exists for marketing and advertising purposes, and its contents are informational and promotional only. Nothing on this web site is legal advice, and you should NOT rely on it when making decisions on your own about things that could impact your legal rights.

Employment laws change frequently, and no two situations are alike. So if you would like legal advice, you should hire a lawyer to provide you with targeted information and recommendations that apply to your specific situation.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

Using this web site, sending us information through the web site, or giving us information by email or phone does NOT create an attorney-client relationship with the firm.

Our firm represents clients only after both the firm and the client have signed a formal written agreement that explains the terms of our representation. We are happy to speak with potential new clients for informational purposes. But we only give legal advice to current firm clients who have signed an engagement agreement.

Information you send us through the web site or by email or phone may not be covered by the attorney client privilege. Please do not send us confidential information unless we specifically ask you for it.

No Guarantee of Results

Our firm does not make any guarantees, warrantees, or predictions about the outcome of any particular case, legal claim, or situation. Every client’s situation and the facts of every case are different, and no lawyer can guarantee a positive result in any given case.

Client testimonials on this web site or review web sites are examples of our past work. While we are proud of that work, our prior successes do not mean, and we cannot guarantee, that current or future clients will get similar results.

California Attorneys Only

We practice law only in California. Our lawyers are licensed in the state of California, and we represent only clients who are or were employed in California or whose businesses are based or employ workers in California. Our legal advice is based on our knowledge of California and federal employment laws, but we do not have comprehensive knowledge of other states’ laws.

If you ask us for help, but need advice about the laws of other states or of non-United States jurisdictions, we will try to direct you to someone who may be able to give you the advice you’re looking for.

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